Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heaven Forbid

OK so a few weeks back I blogged about my son's questions regarding legos in heaven. I am at this moment speaking to one of my dearest friends and she is relaying to me her children's questions about heaven and the afterlife....they went something like this:

Her 5 year old son would like to know: "Mom, does God wear clothes in heaven? Or do his privates just hang out?"

Hmmm, how do you answer that one....

Her 4 year old daughter, who calls heaven "kevin", asked this about friends' pets that recently passed: "Are Guinness (100 lb black lab) and Spunky (15 year old decrepit dead cat) friends in Kevin?"

How about you, any fun questions from your children regarding heaven, and what's in fashion there?

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  1. I know you've heard these before, but they're classic! CC was just two when Nanny passed away. When I explained to her that Nanny was now in heaven, she replied "Oh. Is she married to Jesus?"

    A few months later, CC was sitting on my lap, and the subject of heaven came up again. This time, CC's concern was all about location. She pointed to the ceiling and said, "Heaven is up there, right?" "Yes", I replied. She then said "And Genuardi's is down here, right?" When I told her she was again correct, she seemed fine with the whole heaven and earth thing!