Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do You Know this Person?

She's a friend, an acquaintance, really. And she has, let's just say, a "different" parenting approach. A little more hands on than, say, you or me. And doesn't it seem as though every time you are in her company one of your kids uses potty language, or cries, or something really lame that normally wouldn't involve you at all, but with this person you feel like an inept parent. Perhaps this acquaintance even told you once that "your parenting skills are out of whack" (while waving a finger in your face).

I'm pretty sure all of us moms have someone like this in their world. I saw mine today at the 4th of July parade and immediately cringed internally, taking a quick look around to make sure all of my kids were accounted for. Yep everyone in tow, I think, sighing in relief.

Not so fast...just then the baby takes a tumble out of the fire truck onto her head. Oops.

Oh well, no blood no foul...

1 comment:

  1. It seems my children speak only in "potty" when she is around!

    If only we could all be as thank you!