Monday, July 27, 2009


...just another reason why I adore my husband...he indulges me. Different than being spoiled, being indulged is supporting my likes and allowing my whims. He indulges my shopping sprees (which includes girls weekends away to shop); he indulges my hobbies (like scrapbooking, which also includes a girls weekend away); he indulges my blogging (no away weekend yet, but he does answer all my tech questions!)

This weekend, during a silent auction/benefit in memory of a friend of ours, he indulged me yet again, by bidding, and continuing to outbid others, for VIP tickets to Coldplay, one of my favs. And I consider it an indulgence, not only because I've recently seen the band, but also because this time it's not that close by, and it's an all day concert, requiring logistics, babysitters, and more money we don't have. And he will do it, all with an easy smile on his face and a carefree attitude, because he indulges.

So I waited for you
What wouldn't I do?
And I'm covered, it's true
I'm covered in you.
If I ever want proof
I find it in you.
Yea I honestly do
In you I find proof.

Thanks J, I love you that much.


  1. Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Count me in to help with the babysitting - for free!

  2. pe: what a beautiful tribute to your guy. if he has any spare time, he can indulge me. :)