Thursday, July 2, 2009

I have to ask...

Does anyone (or maybe everyone??) think that Gov. Sanford's responses to his affair are completely ridiculous? Consider these quotes:

Governor Mark Sanford told the Associated Press earlier today that Maria Belen Chapur “is his soul mate.“ So, for the second time in less than a week, the Governor of South Carolina boldly, unapologetically, publicly declares his devotion to a woman other than his wife.

“This was a whole lot more than a simple affair; this was a love story,” he told The A.P. “A forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day.”

"It began very innocently, as I suspect many of these things do, in just a casual email back and forth, and advice on one's life there, an advice here. But here, recently over this last year, developed into something much more than that."

Can he seriously believe that these responses will sit well with America, especially women? Is it not enough that he cheated on his wife, now he tells the world that he is in love with his cohort (read: HO), and is trying to "fall back in love" with his wife.

Jenny, tell him not to bother.


  1. Amen!
    I thought he spent his time in Argentina crying for his wife. Add him to the list of very confused MEN!

  2. Definitely messed one of the columnists in our newspaper pointed out, "If you're in marriage counseling, and your husband keeps begging you to let him go see his mistress? The counseling isn't working."