Wednesday, June 10, 2009

True Colors

Today was move up day at school, where each grade visits the teachers and classrooms for the next grade up. My kindergarten son visited 1st grade, where he decided he wanted the same teacher his big brother had in 1st grade. She's a lovely woman, who happens to be African American. While telling me about move up day he asked about skin color, and since he is pale, pale and I am a product of the 70s "baby oil/Bruce album covered with tin foil" school of sunscreen I was able to point out how our skin color differs and go from there.

He then looked at himself in the mirror and said "Well, my face is freckled, but my arms are plaid."

That's right, my freckled/plaid/1st grader to be!


  1. After you counseled him on the difference in skin color, did you talk him out of his teacher choice?

    Another August looms with letters of disappointment. How's that for finishing on a positive note?

  2. Plaid! I love it!

    It reminds me of when Hilly was three, and she told her teacher and all the kids in her class that her dad was brown. (Because he was so tan compared to Diane!)