Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm High...

...on Wet Swiffer fumes. I must be high or I would never admit this....

Yes, it took 4 wet swiffer pads to clean my kitchen floor, which is quite frankly not much larger than a galley kitchen. I wish I had a good excuse for my lack of housecleaning skills, but I doubt blogging and fanfic would excuse that kind of dirt. And apparently I don't really care, since I'm blogging about it!
Oh well, Happy Memorial Day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hey - I just had an inspiration! Let's invent "Swiffer Slippers" for kids! That way, when all of them are hanging on you and bugging the crap out of you while you're trying to make dinner, they will actually be HELPING!

    I know that someone already invented slippers with mops on them, but they're for adults who know that they're actually cleaning the floor. The key is to NOT tell the kids that they're helping you in any way. Otherwise, they wouldn't do it.

    Seriously - this is a good idea.