Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Will Survive, Hey Hey...

OK, I survived the first day of summer vacation. Well, it wasn't really the first day, since two kids still had a 1/2 day. But I worked, helped with the teacher luncheon, took the kids to the pool, cooked dinner, and, well, blogged! And all the kids are still alive and I didn't take any controlled substances. I call that a success. Only 71 days to go. And remember a few weeks ago when I was saying I just wanted to relax this summer, no schedules, no camps, just "be"? Yea, I'm rethinking that decision...


  1. Don't forget that you took care of my 2 children for the afternoon as well! Thanks so much for your help today.

  2. Children don't know how to relax properly, that's the problem.