Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talk to me on the Bus

At this moment I have Christmas shopping to do, Christmas cards to send out, cookie exchange baking, thank you notes to write, work to do, housework to tackle, and a Christmas party for 60 people in 2 days, and a husband working on the opposite coast. Am I doing any of these things? No. I am creating a blog.

I'm not sure what I'm thinking creating a blog. My friends have blogs, and I love reading them. And people I don't know have blogs and I love reading them. These blogs are mostly women, mostly moms, and mostly happy. That's me too. These blogs inspire me, educate me, make me laugh and in some cases make me cry. I'm not sure that's me, but I can give it a try.

But I struggle with some, how should I put it...self confidence issues. When I was in 8th grade my bestest friend, with whom I went to school and rode the bus, told me (on the bus) that she could only talk to me on the bus, where the popular girls wouldn't see her mingling with the rif-raf (ok, I made up the rif-raf part, but the rest is true). I know most girls had some nasty girl run in growing up, this was one of mine. It sticks with you, it does. So of course I'm afraid the bloggers won't like me, and they'll tell other bloggers not to talk to me, and then my best friend bloggers will only be able to read my blog in the middle of the night, and will only be able to post as anonymous...but I'm goin' for it anyway!

Happy blogging, I'll see you on the bus.

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