Thursday, December 18, 2008

Send Help

I drove to my parent's house today to visit, but also to drop my 3 youngest children there for a few days. A little mom-mom and pop boot camp, if you will. Since my husband and I are hosting a big Christmas party tomorrow night we wanted to have some time to prepare (read: blog).

While I was there my father gave me this green sign, SEND HELP. He thought it fit me perfectly, since I'm usually drowning in my motherly responsibilities. He was cracking up, as was I. So on the 2 hour drive home I decided to change my Blog to more adequately represent this neon green sign. Because I am searching for reinforcements, in the form of other moms/women/working moms and women/parents/crazies like myself.

Would I be considered overly neurotic to change my blog name and title after only one day? It probably doesn't matter, since I can't figure out how to change the blog address anyway.

Update: My technologically talented husband just fixed it for me...goodbye treasures, hello help!

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