Monday, February 16, 2009

Crackbook Jealousy

So, as if feeling self-conscious about my "blogless blog" wasn't enough, I just logged onto Facebook, and took a perusal over to my little brother's facebook page. See, he just joined Crackbook, like a week ago. I wanted to see how he was making out, if he was making friends, see if he needed any big-sisterly help, maybe a few friend referrals.

The brat has 283 friends. Already.

So, of course I had to go through all the friends I have, and see if there was anyone on their lists that weren't on mine so I could beef up my friend list a little. I got a few more, but he is still kicking my ass! And what is up with my competitive craziness, on facebook no less! I'm losing it...I'd better go read Twilight for the 10th time...


  1. Crackbook...I'm not sure I have figured it out yet but it is clear, your brother has!

  2. That's hard to figure out, because your brother is not generally well liked. Kind of like my brother, who has more than twice the number of friends that I have. I like to think it's because people like me and you are just more picky about who we choose to "friend". Right? RIGHT???